Fez + / - dac

Hi guys,
I pulled out my old Laser Projector which has 2 Galvo’s to control very high speed mirrors. Previously I had used a USB DAC to control the position of the laser dot to draw shapes. I got to thinking, how cool would it be if I could make my Fez Domino draw instead. The problem I am having is do you guys know of a High Resolution DAC shield or circuit that can be created to go from -5 to +5 volts? Of course even if it was -12 to +12 would work with a resistor.

So… Any ideas?


There are plenty of DAC/ADC out there but the questions is, will domino or nay NETMF device be suitable for doing timing? The answer is no unless you do some native programming, possible using RLP…which mean you are using high end device like ChipworkX or EMX (FEZ Cobra)

Thanks Gus! Thats a shame. I thought Fez probably could feed the values quickly enough to a DAC to drive the Cartoony images.

Ahh well, I have the robot to look forward to :slight_smile:

I am really excited by the Fez as I am a c# programmer. Really would love to see Fez more popular. Need more projects to help promote fez on YouTube more.

FEZ can do a lot of things but not everything…for example, it can’t cook :slight_smile: I am just kidding of course :slight_smile:

The community has be been adding a lot of very cool videos and projects. Have you seen this page? microframeworkprojects.com

…now we look forward to see your projects too and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Yes and have been loving each one of them!


Also note that RLP for EMX is locked, so don’t use a Cobra for your laser project.

It can be unlocked by request and some paperwork.

Thanks for the info guys. The Cobra is a nice device to be sure but a bit out of my justified price range since I Have both the Domino and Panda. Guess I keep using my PC and USB DAC :frowning: