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FEZ Connect JMP1 & JMP2?


What are JMP1 & JMP2 on the FEZ Connect? I checked the user guide and did not find anything and searching the forums for JMP1 and JMP2 did not return any results.


I suggest that you check the schematics


I did check the schematic, but I can’t find the JMP1 and JMP2 references on the schematic.


JP1 is at C7 on the schematic
JP2 is at B5 on the schematic


What I am referring to is JMP1 and JMP2 labeled on the board between Di5-7 and “Di2 SDA” and “Di3 SCI”.

For the points you referred me to JP2 is for the Di9 jumpers, I think JP1 is pin-less jumpers for the servos.


JMP1 is to connect or disconnect the Wiznet RESET pin to D7

JMP2 is to connect or disconnect the Wiznet INT pin to D4