FEZ Config crashes when deploying config.hex only

FEZ Config 2.0.6 crashes when trying to deploy (on advanced page) config.hex only

I’m sure that one time, I used 2.0.6 on a Win7 32bit machine successfully to update tiny booter + FW and after that deploy my app.hex file.
I did not install the SDK on that machine. Just installed the drivers and started FEZConfig directly, then browsing for all the files.

@ RobvanSchelven - I was able to deploy fine using that page. What board were you using? However, it is not designed for deploying the firmware or config, it’s only meant for applications.

Using the G120. Although not so important i just wanted to test what would happen if i only refresh the config once my board start to behave weird.

I just learned that it makes a big difference to do the IP related settings before the network controller is opened instead of after the open call