FEZ Cobra Window Application template

When I create a VS 2010 ‘FEZ Cobra Window Application project and run I receive the attached dialog. ‘Transport: is set to ‘Emulator. Any ideas?

You need to set your transport to USB -> EMX_EMX


I wanted to run the project in emulator mode. Should this be possible without the above error?

That is Microsoft emulator which means it will run everything but not the GHI assemblies

You might be able to, but you will need to remove the GHI assemblies as Gus said.

All the templates do is add references to GHI assemblies. If you want to use the emulator just define a standard MF console project. You can add the GHI stuff later.

Yes, just remove the FEZ Cobra assembly because it checks for an actual FEZ Cobra. Other GHI assemblies should not raise exceptions unless you call methods in them.
Also, if you hit continue, I believe it will work.