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Fez Cobra UART


Hi. I need to use one of my Fez Cobra’s UART. As I have the plastic enclosure, can I use USB connected to my computer as a COM port?

Note: USB I’m talking about is the same that I use in order to upload firmware to my Fez Cobra.



Yes but then you need to debug using one of the real serial ports. You need to add this


Assuming that, and doesn’t make debug by now. I can’t see any new port in my computer… If, for example, I want to send some bites from my PC to my Fez Cobra using any terminal, which port have I to use?

PD: I’ve a FTDI cable, so a solution can be sold weld some pins in the board, but I would like to test code before solder anything.


Look into CDC - Virtual Serial: (halfway down)


Hi all! I’ve followed this part of the tutorial tutorial: USB Debugging with Virtual COM Channel

I’m able to debug at the same time I send data using Virtual COM, but I’m not able to read using this port.

Any other idea??


i reckon its a code issue. Show us your code.


Code was working well in Netduino+ as it, so we can assume code is working well :wink:

Problem comes here:
My usings:

using System.IO;
using System.IO.Ports;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware;
using GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ;
using System;
_serialPort = new SerialPort(_port, _baudRate);

Where _port is COM7 and _BaudRate 38400. COM7 is de Virtual Port dirvers have installed… but I need to simulate one of the internals.
System shows an exception.


Is COM7 the port on your PC?

You need to look at the CDC documentation. in the CDC example you say you used, it uses:

And the documentation says you need to use .Read() to read data.

I think you need to show us your code where you’re using cdc.Read().


Finally I’ve sold some wires and everything is working O.K. ;D