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FEZ Cobra is online


We are very exited about FEZ Cobra going online. Sorry not in stock yet but you can checkout the images and schematics :wink:
We are adding brochure/manual shortly so you can see where all IOs are.

Have fun…


in the voice of Barney Stinson, “Awesome…”

Can we have a bundle option for Cobra/4.3" TFT and case please? :>


4.3" displays are pricey so they wouldn’t be in a bindle but someone can just buy all the parts they need. This is why we offer everything so you can build your own package :wink:


aw, c’mon… :wink:

Bundle at the moment means “free case” (price of bundle = price of cobra + 3.5" TFT + adaptor and includes a case). There’s no price on the case - so I have no idea what that’s “worth”. Don’t get me wrong, I do expect the price of the bundle to go up with the 4.3" screen, but having it as an option was all I was hoping for.


Speaking of the case, is there going to be a version milled for the larger LCD? I might get another Cobra later on, as well as a 4.3" LCD.


The case works fine with both displays :wink: more details come in couple weeks when we have the cases


I would also create a “bundle” for the touch screen if I were you.

TFT Display Expansion + display as a module.
I guess some people (beginners?) might be scared to break the flat cable while mounting the display. :wink:


but be careful Chimp you have a Cobra behind you who doesn’t look really friendly on the starter kit picture;)