FEZ Cobra III with GXP Header and Display TE35 by Glide Touch does not work

I have a FEZ Cobra III over a GXP - Header Modul to a display TE35 connected and implemented the example: https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/315/glide . The button will be shown on the display, but unfortunately the touch does not work. The same display works at a Cobra2 with Gadgeteer and glide without problems. Also I’ve replaced the GXP - Modul already unfortunately without success. Must I netmf project still more assemblies referencing?

Loader (TinyBooter) version information: on this computer. on this device.

The Loader (TinyBooter) is up to date. <<<

Firmware (TinyCLR) version information: on this computer. on this device.

The Firmware (TinyCLR) is up to date. <<<

LCD Configuration over FEZ Config


Option Explicit On
Option Strict On

Imports System
Imports System.Threading
Imports GHI.Glide
Imports GHI.Glide.UI
Imports GHI.Glide.Display
Imports Microsoft.SPOT

Namespace TestCobra3
    Public Module Module1
        Private WithEvents btn As GHI.Glide.UI.Button
        Dim MyWindows As Window

        Sub Main()
            Call StartTest()
        End Sub

        Private Sub StartTest()
            MyWindows = GlideLoader.LoadWindow(Resources.GetString(Resources.StringResources.TestWindow))
            btn = TryCast(MyWindows.GetChildByName("btn"), Button)
            Glide.MainWindow = MyWindows
        End Sub

        Private Sub btn_TapEvent(sender As Object) Handles btn.TapEvent
            Debug.Print("Button tapped.")
        End Sub
    End Module
End Namespace

Thank you for all the information

I have just testet same Code with Cobra II and it works fine. Is FEZ Cobra III Board defective?

Have you set the LCD Configuration with FezConfig for the Cobra III. You are not doing it in your code sample.

He says the button is showing so I would assume the LCD is configured. His issue seems to be that touch is not being detected and that uses the ADC to handle this.

Hallo scardinale,
Hallo Dave,

Yes, i have set the LCD Configuration with FEZ Config and yes Button is showing, but unfortunately touch is not being detectet.

Can I measure the i2c Communication on the I-Socket on the GXP- Header Module and is there a timing diagram?

Thank you very much

The TE35 uses a T socket for touch, not an I socket. So doing anything with the I socket will be pointless. As @ Dave said, it’s analog input, and you’d need to look at that if you wanted to dig deeper… I’d suggest you’ll need to get the source for the TE35 and look at the touch handler to start to see what is / is not detected.

T and I are shared on the same socket on the GXP header adapter board.