FEZ Cobra III - GXP - TE35 and Touch Screen

To help who tries to connect the touchscreen of the TE35 with Cobra III through GXP.

You have to reconfigure the pins of the Touchscreen with the following line of code:

You have to do this with every touchscreen connected to the T port of the GXP connector when you use the FEZ Cobra III.

May be, you also  need to calibrate the touchscreen, you can use the documentation from GHI for that:

In my case, I use the following calibration data for my configuration :

```cs]short[] screenX = new short[
 {160, 32,32,288,288};
short[] screenY = new short[] { 120, 24, 216, 216, 24 };
short[] uncalibratedX = new short[] { 1820, 725, 713, 3076, 2605 };
short[] uncalibratedY = new short[] { 1822, 893, 2939, 2921, 731 };
Touch.ActiveTouchPanel.SetCalibration(5, screenX, screenY, uncalibratedX, uncalibratedY);

Thanks for contributing this.

I don’t know why but John gives the following

Display.SetTouchPins(G120.AnalogInput.P0_24, G120.AnalogInput.P0_23, G120.P0_4, G120.P0_5);

For Cobra3 and NHV display… this should not differ

@ leforban - See my reply in the other thread: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=22276&page=2#msg210106