FEZ Cobra II (wifi) Strange Networking Issue

I am using the FEZ Cobra II (wifi) mainboard, without any modules and the, newest, 4.2.9 Firmware.

I have established a connection with my wireless router, and been assigned an IPv4 lease through the router’s DHCP server.

Now, when I try to request a resource, or provide a service (lets say… WebClient/WebServer). It will hang, I have tried as much hackery as I could summon; but to no end.

Here are some of the lines of code where it hangs up (keep in mind, snippets):

// ------- GHI WebServer helper version

WebServer.StartLocalServer(wifi.NetworkInterface.IPAddress, 80); //freeze 

// ------- GHI WebClient helper

WebClient.GetFromWeb("").ResponseReceived += new HttpRequest.ResponseHandler(testWebClientCallbackFun); //freeze

// ------- GHI WebClient helper  alt

HttpRrequest req = WebClient.GetFromWeb("");
req.ResponseReceived += new HttpRequest.ResponseHandler(testWebClientCallbackFun);
req.sendRequest(); //Freeze

// ----- WebClient Request (alt 2)

WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create("");
request.Timeout = 3000;
WebResponse response = request.GetResponse(); //freeze

// ----- WebServer Listener (alt)
Socket listenSocket = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp); //freeze

Here’s where it gets strange… I can ping the device with ICMP ECHOs all day and they come back…

I’m not sure what I should do, I suspect it may be my router at this point… If there is any more information I can provide, please let me know.

There is also a hot fix make sure you have it installed:


It fixes some network related issues.


I had the same problem. It hangs. The update fix my problem.

It happens sometimes.

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I love how fast the reponses are here.
I’m not sure if I should be happy or trying to glue the hair back onto my head.

It worked… >.<
I guess I can be happy about my better understanding of the framework, since I spent so much time double checking everything and finding alternatives for it.

Ask @ Justin. He has plenty:


By the way check this thread:


It has some great tips on how to use search box on this forum. It helps me a lot.

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