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FEZ Cobra II Serial Deploy/Debug


Hello, I’m trying to setup a Cobra II board for Serial Debugging. I’m using a Serial to USB board connected to X5 (U&X). On the PC side Drivers have been successfully installed and the Adapter is visible as COM8. However, VS2010 cannot deploy to COM8.

Probably, I have missed something. Unfortunately I haven’t found any document or useful thread in the Forum, so I have to ask for help here…



Hi Egmond,

It’s a G120 based board so pin 2_1 should be pulled down to GND for serial debugging.
Not sure if and where this pin is on the connectors from Cobra. X5 should be good.



Hello David,
thanks for your tip. I was occupied with a lot of other things, so I wasn’t able to try it out before. But it worked immediately. Both FEZConfig, and VS2010 connect to the board through the virtual Serial line now.

Thanks for your help!