FEZ Cobra II Serial Deploy/Debug

Hello, I’m trying to setup a Cobra II board for Serial Debugging. I’m using a Serial to USB board connected to X5 (U&X). On the PC side Drivers have been successfully installed and the Adapter is visible as COM8. However, VS2010 cannot deploy to COM8.

Probably, I have missed something. Unfortunately I haven’t found any document or useful thread in the Forum, so I have to ask for help here…


Hi Egmond,

It’s a G120 based board so pin 2_1 should be pulled down to GND for serial debugging.
Not sure if and where this pin is on the connectors from Cobra. X5 should be good.


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Hello David,
thanks for your tip. I was occupied with a lot of other things, so I wasn’t able to try it out before. But it worked immediately. Both FEZConfig, and VS2010 connect to the board through the virtual Serial line now.

Thanks for your help!