FEZ Cobra II Preview

I been told laser cutting ABS will release toxic gas. Have you done this before?

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Yea, while we’ve got a forced air system keeping a negative pressure in the the laser’s cabinet, I still hate cutting things I wouldn’t be happy to breath if it suddenly shut down.

Clearly as a long term solution GHI needs to do a bulk order of pre-cut sides from Polycase and offer then for sale.


it says that the module/PSU is capable of 800mA. If I want to connect the 7" display which draws 700mA, will this work?
Or do I need an extra PSU for the display?


I have a fez panda II with the fez connection shield. I used it to control the lights in my house. It works great but is it possible to use the same software on the new fez cobra II?
Im not a great programmer.

Many thanks

@ on3adc - some changes will be needed for network initialization/ setup and pin numbers you are using for external devices. But it shouldn’t be hard.

Filip - in most cases, software written for the panda will run on the new cobra. it needs to be compiled.

the panda uses version 4.1 of the micro framework, while the new cobra uses 4.2. this means there might be a feature or two that has is not available .

you would have to create a new project, and copy the software into it. you would also have use the new dll and namespace names.

have I understood correct if I would state that I can attach 2 extra connectors of type A from the pin header on the side?

Design files are now up http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/399

@ fitims - It is better to start a new thread then added to an old thread with an unrelated question.

Most likely, the version of the firmware on the device does not match the installed GHI SDK.

Apologies. Just thought that the issue I have is related to FEZ Cobra II. Feel free (or I can move it) to move to another thread.