FEZ Cobra II Preview

The new FEZ Cobra II is in its last stages of testing and preparation for production. The board is similar to the original FEZ Cobra, offering SD, USB Host, USB Client and power connectors on the front-side and plenty of I/Os on the back-side. It also fits perfectly inside an affordable off-the-shelf JB-55 enclosure. There are two versions of FEZ Cobra II, a WiFi version and an economical version. There is no difference between the boards; one simply has WiFi added.

What changed in FEZ Cobra II?
It’s now using a G120 Module, bringing 120Mhz of power to the system. You also have the option of having WiFi built-in. Unlike most offers on the market that use a WiFi serial bridge module, G120 Module’s WiFi support is provided as a standard socket interface. Users can open over 100 simultaneous connections and enjoy TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP and SSL to name a few. The board also offers six Gadgeteer compatible sockets, allowing users to add any of the Gadgeteer modules with ease, especially displays.

FEZ Cobra II (WiFi) is priced at $149.95 and the economical version (non-WiFi) is only $99.95. Ethernet can be easily added to either board using the ENC28 Module.

FEZ Cobra II is also our reference design for G120 Module. Developers can use FEZ Cobra II as an end product or to evaluate and create designs based on G120 Module.

As requested by many customers who are already designing products based on G120 Module, we are providing the schematics and previewing FEZ Cobra II two months before it’s available.

FEZ Cobra II (WiFi)
FEZ Conra II (Eco)
.NET Micro Framework
.NET Gadgeteer

Finally, we’d like to mention that GHI Insiders were able to pre-order FEZ Cobra II (WiFi) at 50% off.


The schematic is up on the FEZ Cobra II pages. We hope you like what we did with the updated Cobra.

Very nice! Small question - Will you be reselling the enclosure? I notice you have a link to a site for purchase on the Cobra2 page, which makes me think no, but then you did include a picture of it on the product page :slight_smile:

The product page says “An enclosure option is available through Polycase’s JB-55 enclosure. FEZ Cobra II is designed to fit perfectly inside the enclosure while leaving room for adding more circuitry. One of the images above show FEZ Cobra II inside the JB-55 enclosure.”

So no we are not including any enclosure but they are in stock at Polycase.

It’d be awesome if you still stocked the laser cut side panel so the barrel jack, USB and SD could be reache like on Cobra 1

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Very nice.

The image on the page for the wifi model has a white label with the specs for the G120, th CPU speed is shown as 20 MHz.

And it is fixed… :slight_smile:

Awesome 8)

Very nice. One question: can it be used with gadgeteer library?

Based on the gadgeteer sockets on the right, would assume so.

Absolutely. You can use with and without, up to you.

Will it be possible to extend the number of gadgeteer sockets or will that require a redesign and build a own version of cobra II?

You could always use Extender Modules to expose more sockets.

Or the new $1 breakout modules.

I’m thinking that extra space in the enclosure is ripe for some kind of prototype board that would connect to the single row of 0.1" headers. One could certainly add a bunch of gadgeteer sockets to such a thing. I haven’t taken a close look at the pinout to see what’s there yet, but once I get my hands on one, watch out :slight_smile:

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A perfect opportunity for a community offer :slight_smile: the expansion board.

What is this “breakout module” you speak of?

It wouldn’t be a tease if I tell you :slight_smile: But we should have it in a week I think.

Very cool :slight_smile: Another great product from GHI!

Nooo now I have to buy more stuff lol

Looks like a brilliant product :slight_smile:

I believe it will be a rock as the original Cobra, the wifi on board is the best choice