Fez Cobra II Net - DTR pin


I got equipment that COM port works with RTS and DTR pins, I found RTS pin for COM port 2 on Fez cobra II board. But, I am not sure about DTR pin. Is code require any specification for hardware flow control when we use RTS pin ?. How can I solve problem of DTR pin ?

You can user any pin and control it as a dtr pin. Remember to pay attention to the voltage levels, ttl vs rs232.

How can I use any pin as dtr and control it ? Is there any example or anything which can be refer ?

Akshay, you set it up as a digital output pin, and just make all your writes to a serial port wrapped by the state changes you need.

@ Brett - Hi Brett, If you can give example then it would be great !!

sorry, it’s fundamental - set a digital output pin to true/false value as you need to drive the DTR state you want. Pick any code that defines a digital output pin and sets it’s value.

Ok I got it…