FEZ Cobra II Extender and Future

There does not appear to be any documentation on how to connect the FEZ Cobra II Extender to the FEZ Cobra or details on the battery required?

Can anyone help?

Whilst I guess this would be better for another thread; I review this forum several times a day. I noticed that there has been some debate about pricing point to make this more accessible to the masses.

If GHI gave good examples for each of their SOM’s and Gadgeteer boards that worked, so the full code for each … then it would make life so much less frustrating for newbies. I believe ease of use is more important than pricing point!

For example; I can pick up some code for the arduino; load, compile and it runs., then tear it apart to learn from. This is not the case with the examples I have tried from this website, very frustrating!

However, after alot of investigation we selected this hardware to port our arduino proto-types to the commerical world!

[ul]Our apologies - the link to FEZ Cobra II Extender’s Developers’ Guide is wrong. We will fix shortly. In the meantime here is a direct link: https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/260/fez-cobra-ii-extender
All Gadgeteer source code is available: http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/
All of the open source code for NETMF is at http://netmf.codeplex.com/
documentation and examples are spread out across many areas of our website. If you are having trouble finding things, this may help: https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/275/where-and-how-to-find-information-and-help[/ul]

Please, when you find an example that doesn’t work, please use the Document Feedback form (at the bottom of every Document page) to let us know! Your comments will be reviewed for internal work-tickets. Don’t ask questions there, the feedback forms are not reviewed on a daily basis. The forum is monitored very frequently

Hi Robert24,

The battery type to use is CR2032.

Not sure what others are doing, but I just used a couple of 40 pin headers (2 required as 41 pins needed) and soldered my extender directly to my Cobra II.


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yes, same here.