FEZ Cobra II Configuring Expansion header pins

Can someone tell me how one goes about configuring the expansion header pins on the Cobra II. Specifically, I am trying to access analog pins.
Thank you in advance.

Hi rmurphy.

when you say “configuring” what exactly do you mean? Physical connection information, or how in netmf you can access a specific pin in your app?

If it’s the latter, it’s simply a matter of using the pin definition - so for analog pin AD4 for example (P1.30) you can use Cpu.AnalogChannel.ANALOG_4

Thank you. I was specifically asking how to access a pin from within netmf. I will need to look further at my code, because I have tried using the pin definition, and I have received incorrect results.

ok, cool - the definition should work, although the mapping of Analog channels to actual pins is at the hands of GHI within the firmware…

@ Jeff@ GHI, another doco request, make sure the PWM and Analog channel and UART mappings are documented, since they aren’t documented in the libraries themselves - the Digital IO pin mappings are ok since they’re in the reference for the G120 for example.