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FEZ Cobra II board


Hello. I’m wanting to make a modified FEZ Cobra II board. Does anyone have a version of the design files that includes part numbers, or have a BOM or Parts list?

Thank you.


You can figure it out pretty much easily from the Eagle files:


True. I started going through those; however, I figured it was worth asking if anyone already created a BOM because it does take awhile to look up each of the parts.


I’m finding it no so easily done. I went through searching the parts using Eagles Design Link,, and So far I only have part numbers for only 15 of the 42 parts.

Does anyone have a BOM for this? GHI, could you possibly supply one as I would be getting the G120 chips from you for any modified boards.



I would try to contact GHI through contact form:


Which parts do not have a number? If you mean SD connector and other connectors, these are sourced from china with no “part number”. What else are you missing?


I need a board with different dimensions and some minor changes. So I’m having the same question.

Maybe a bit of a cheeky question but can GHI provide a BOM of the cobra II board, for building a custom board?


It took me several hours to produce a partial BOM. I don’t see any place to attach it as an excel spreadsheet, so I attached a screenshot. I have 8 unknown items on the board (9 actually, but I know I have a barrel connector part number around somewhere).

Could anyone please assist with identifying the remaining 8 items?

It would be greatly appreciated.



I’ll start creating a BOM later today. It will be based on the cobra II net board. Beside the network part, the BOM’s should be comparable…, i guess :slight_smile:


Gus, do you have any part numbers for the remaining parts?

Patrick, how did your BOM creation go?



due to some work issues I had to postpone the creation of the BOM. I’ve rescheduled it for friday… sorry for the delay


@ Hayedid - Please email me the BOM you have so far and I will fill in the blanks for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you Mike. I’ve tried to send you an email, but it is bouncing back. Is the email mike@ ghi…? Thank you.


@ Hayedid - michael dot bagnaschi at ghielectronics dot com


@ hayedid & @ Mike: can you share the BOM? It would help me a lot :wink: