FEZ Cobra Camera over UDP

I read some topics about the webcams framerate and WiFi Module. I was wondering if FEZ Cobra can handle receiving some data and sending some webcam viceo stream (a kind of mobile robot with live video is what I Have in mind) ?


But, what frame rate are you expecting? You can search the forums for discussions on video frame rates.

If it would be as much as 15 fps than its ok

(hopefully this is a 15 fps example)

I read that sometimes it was 5 fps but i really like to have the more the meryier :D:P

i was thinking of something like a live broadcast from a ride on the mobile robot.

a frame rate of 5-7+ per second is possible with a small image, but if you have to do any transformations before transmission the rate will drop to around 1fps.

I am looking forward to see in what happens with video rate with Hydra board.

Well the main idea is to have a pretty good flow feel of the riding on the mobile “robot” - so what kind of resolution are we talking about ?