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FEZ Cobra and xbee sensor modules


HI everybody

I bought a FEZ COBRA board, and LIBELIUM WASPMOTE xbee module with sensors board, I wish to develop an home automation system with wireless xbee sensors.
the questions is :

  • Can I connect the libelium xbee sensors to my Fez Cobra board with USB Connector?
  • If ok, how configure the xbee network libelium sensors for fez cobra board?
  • Can I program my home automation application with C# .NETMF, because Libelium xbee sensors modules have only C++ drivers language.

Please help me




the WASPMOTE looks like an interesting board…could you tell me the price?

Whats the use of doing that? I read very briefly about the waspmote and as i understood, it’s an arduino with xbee and some sensors. So you only need to connect them to your pc for initial configuration. After that, enjoy wireless.

See reply above. You only need to see what data comes in on the xbee connected to the cobra, and act upon that data.

Sure, you don’t need the drivers at all. Basically xbee is just a transportation method. You can write your home automation application in whatever language you want.

Did you started yet with the HA application? I’m doing the same and maybe we can join forces.