FEZ Cobra and 7" Display - Not Working

Hey guys,

I searched around the forum, and I wasn’t able to find anything to help.

I have the 7" display wired to the cobra as shown in the brochure.

I have downloaded the graphical demo visual studio solution.

I have a barrel-jack connected wall-wart set to 6v attached to the cobra.

The touchscreen simply rotates through an all red, all blue, checkerboard, then black screen. And it does this over and over again. There are no errors reported from visual studio, it detects the cobra just fine and compiles and uploads just fine.

Any ideas which direction I should be looking?

did you follow all the steps?


Yeah, sorry that’s why I posted all the steps above, I have went through the brochure two or three times double checking I followed all the steps.

The wall-wart again is set to 6v and I have tried with and without the usb cable connected.

Anything else? Anyone ever run into this continuous cycle of green/red/etc.?

Run the config code and step through it to be 100% sure you did write the configuration (you probably is not due to out of date firmware)

Next, reboot the board and you will see the display working