Fez Cobra 3 Uart

Trying to setup d1,d0 as uart but a bit confused?

if i use
myUart = UartController.FromName(FEZCobraIII.UartPort.Uart0); i get a null exception

Question Does Uart0= COM1 on schematic?

That should work. If not then you can use the G120 pin mapping directly.

thanks @Gus how do i assign pins?

I don’t think you can - well not the way you were thinking? What I suspect Gus was suggesting was instead of using the FezCobraiii.uartport.uart0 object use the equivalent G120 object.

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Correct, just in case there is a bug in the other class.


G120.UartPort.Uart0 give me an error Snippet

G120.UartPort.Uart1 this doesn’t give error but i assume is not mapping to COM1 on G120 SOM pin?

I can only test on TinyCLR 2.0 so I can’t be sure but you should be able to try it out easily.