Fez Cobra 3 and deployment?

A bit confused…if i have a Fez Cobra 3 board? Im i confined to tinyclr 1? Hence i have to use TinyCLR nugets with version 1 only?

Yes version one but ideally you will only use dotnet microframework

you suggesting not to use clr 1 instead of netmf…is it because netfm is better?

TinyCLR is 100 times better but you need TinyCLR 2.0 and you need one of the new SITCore devices to use it.

TinyCLR 1.0 is no longer supported, however the files are up if you want to use on your own.

thanks Gus, might stick with tinyclr, doing nothing super complex so i think it will be fine. Ill have nightmare trying to setup vs2013 all over again :frowning: but we will see what happens.

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Go for it. It will be fun.