FEZ Cobra 2 Advice - Big Scenario

Hello Forum Members…I have a scenario here, we have a generator which can read/write [em]ONLY[/em] from regular USB devices (like a flash drive) to update itself.

**We want to do something new, instead of using USB to update files, we want to do it the wireless way. So for which I thought Cobra 2 would serve the purpose.

I want to plug in Cobra 2 to the generator and say if the board acts as a regular mass storage device for the SD card on it, the generator will read its files from SD card reader.

As for the wireless part, I already worked on deploying an FTP server from the device. So, I hope this FTP server on device to take up a clients request and then update the files on the SD card, after which the generator can read from the device (while its acting as a regular sd card reader).

  • Is this possible, to make the Cobra2 Just an SD card reader programatically…

** I tried mounting the SD card through the sample code on the site and then did not unmount it, but the SD card was not shown in the windows explorer…what can I do?

Thanks for sharing the link, it really helped me out.