Fez Cercuino Bee button

There are two buttons on my Fez cerbuino Bee, One I have identified as reset. What is thoe other and how do I access it from code?

What rev. is your Bee? Mine are all rev. 1.2, and only have one button. Which leads me to believe that your other button is for setting the board into boot loader mode.

If I’m correct about that, then I think the answer is that neither button would accessible to user code.

That button connected to PA10 GPIO. You can access it through that pin.

Rev 1.3, its labeled “LDR” im assuming loader is what it stands for

Yup. That’s what I thought, but it sounds like it may still be accessible in code, per what @ Architect said. Take a look at this documentation, it may be helpful:


IMO, it’s a lot easier to use a Gadgeteer Button module, if you’ve got one available, but you can always use the plain NETMF way in a pinch.

What does a boot loader button do? Is it what your supposed to click before you go and upload stuff to the fez?

It is to get into a special mode where you can update the loader itself


Thaaaaats how I update tiny bootloader. Thanks! I was wondering why its not updating XD