FEZ CerbuinoBee Netmf 4.3 xbee series 2 support?

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I had my development system setup set up to run really well with visual studio 2012 and netmf 4.2. But I bought an ENC28 for my cerbuinoBee to do https without checking to see if it would support this (bad idea) so I upgraded to VS2013 and netmf 4.3. But now I need to revert back to my old firmware because the ENC28 and FEZCerbuinoBee does not do what I need but I cannot because everything is broken! arg…and I have a demo in about 20 hours…but who’s counting.
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So, Does anyone know if netmf 4.3 will support the xbee on the FEZCerbuinoBee? Can I send and receive packets from other xbees. I was using the NETMF open source xbee library but this library only works up to netmf 4.2 and to my knowledge netmf 4.2 is not supported in visual studio 2013…or maybe it is?

In general, updating the software 20 hours before a demo is a bad idea :slight_smile: That said, you should use the latest software, 4.2 is not recommended foe anyone.

As for xbee, you can just use it in a serial bridge mode and it is just a serial port. or use this http://xbee.codeplex.com/

Hi Gus, I like to live on the edge O.o…at this site: this http://xbee.codeplex.com/ they claim to only have support for netmf 4.2. Will this work in netmf 4.3?

@ shanekirkbride - yes it will work. They made it before 4.3 but this only uses serial ports, which is still the same.