FEZ Cerbuino USB Client and Debugger


I’ve seen that on the FEZ Cerberus Developer page (GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software) the Firmware Status points that USB Client is “Done”. I’d like to know what does that refer to?

In other topics discussions I read that the USB Client interface is still not implemented on the GHI’s Open Source Hardware libraries. So I tried to use the native .NET Micro Framework classes, and I checked that I can access the USB controller, but I can’t stop it on the fly. It seems that on other devices, there’s a switch or a jumper pad to switch from USB debugging to another form. I didn’t find it on the Cerbuino. The only one is the LDR, which, I think, is only for firmware updating.

Is there a way to turn off the USB debugger on Cerbuino so that I can use the USB client?


You are confusing USB host with USB device.

To use USB device, toh first need to change debugging to use serial.

What are you trying to achieve?

Sorry, I think I’ve made some sort of confusion with the terms. I’m trying to release the USB on Cerbuino from debugging to use the USB client interface.

Yes I understood that but use it to do what? I am trying to help you further.

I am trying to use the USB on Cerbuino to communicate with the PC using an HID class interface, using code based on the sample that comes with the netmf framework, or the WinUSB driver, like on this blog: Communicating with your MicroFramework Application over USB | GuruCE . But I would modify the code to not use the debugging by USB at the same time. I was thinking about running it with no debugging.

Good use. This can be done but the current firmware does not have a way to switch to serial debugging. You will need to change this in firmware and recompile, not very simple.

We can look into adding this feature.

I suggest using USB to serial module

Ok. So the USB Client firmware part currently done is just for accessing the controller, that’s used only for debugging?

Is it possible to switch to TCP/IP transport/debugging, having an Ethernet module?

Thanks for the assistance, Gus. I’m looking forward to the next firmware versions.

Tcp is not an option.

Note that to use USB you still need USB to serial module for debugging so either way you need it.

Ok. So, for Cerbuino, the only other option for debugging would be by serial, if the firmware is modified to provide it?

Yes. Spider has a switch to support serial.