FEZ Cerbuino ExtendedWeakReference

I want to store my configuration permanently.
There is an example in .NET MicroFramework 4.2 to do this with ExtendedWeakReference.
When I run this example it dosn’t store. On every system start it stores the information as the first time.

I’ve updated the firmeware

With the FEZ Domino we manage this with InternalFlashStorage.
Is this available with FEZ Cerbuino?

Not today but we can look into it.

How can I then use the Flash memory?

There is only 300K flash left and you can’t predict what is used by your application (as far as I know). Unless a certain range is pre-allocated.

I would connect a serial EEPROM or FLASH to store the configuration.

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Previously, we used the FEZ Domino. It seems all was a little bit easier…
I’m very sorry that it is no longer in production. Now we have to transform our program to an other system. We thought from the hardware the Cerbuino would be comparable to the Domino.

The Flash space would be enough for our configuration.
Next problem seem to be the communication between Cerbuino and PC over USB. CDC seem not to be supported - or?

It is still available, how many Dominos do you need? Shoot us an email with your needs please. We also have all design files public with USBizi chipset available so you can even make domino as is or even tweak it to fit your needs.

Domino and Cerbuino are similar on the hardware side but not not entirely same on the software side, one is premium and one is open source. This explains it more http://www.ghielectronics.com/offers/

Another option is to give GHI a call and discuss your project and we can direct you to the best fit at lowest cost.