FEZ Cerbuino Bee Usage

Hi, I’m thinking to buy FEZ Cerbuino Bee but there are thing to ask before buy to make it clear,

1- I’ve RN-XV WiFly Module for wi-fi, and it says this module is replacable with xbee, there shouldn’t be any problem using it with FEZ Cerbuino Bee, right?
2- I want to use USB Host, i’ve seen “software currently not available” for USB Host, so can’t I use it this way?
3 - I want to use Nwazet Touch Display module from Netduino Go!, is it possible?

I’m newbee here so please accept my apologize, I need those answers before buy it, thanks for any help.

1- There will be no issues with using an RN-XV module on the Bee. It accurately replicates the XBee foot-print.
2- USB Host is not currently supported by the firmware. It can currently only be used by implementing it in the firmware, and building it yourself.
3- I only see one cable that hooks to the display. Are there more connections to it? (If this is Gadgeteer Compliant, it should have 4 cables since it is a Touch Screen). If it is gadgeteer compliant, it will be as easy as porting a driver. If it is not, it will still be possible to use but you would need to manually wire it with Breakout modules.

The answer is no, unless you implement a GoBus library.

The Go modules operate with a special protocol and electrical interface which provides a “virtual interface”, the GoBus.
There is not a GHI library for interfacing with GoBus devices.

@ Mike - if the display is open source then it should be easy to modify it to work with gadgeteer.

Nawazat should do this anyway so the display works on more devices I think.

@ osmanium - why this specific display? Is it size? Touch? Price?

I believe the display is a GoBus module, which explains the one cable. Is GoBus open source?

Thank you guys you are amazing, and fast!

I’m realy new to these topics, that’s why I don’t know how to modify firmware and how can I be sure if it will be stable? I mean even FEZ Domino has USB Host feature built-in, am I correct?

I wanted to use that display because of the UI Designer, I may be wrong with my choise that’s why I’m asking you :slight_smile: I wanted to have nice UI on the screen, is there any other way to do those nice looking UI as nwazet touch?

Check out Glide!

Glide is the GHI equivalent of the nwazet designer, but the nwazet device is not compatible with GHI firmware.

Also, and more important, the Cerbuino Bee only has 192KB of memory, which is not enough to drive a 240x320 screen, without special programming.

I’ll deffinetly check Glide, looks nice. So I can’t use large lcd with Cerbunio?? I’m realy stucked… I need to use USB Host for a usb barcode scanner, and check the scanned barcode over wi-fi and show it nicely on the screen, that is all I want, what combination can do all in one?

USB host support is not available with any of the OSHW offering.

Your choices are the Premium Spider or Cobra II boards.

The Cobra II has USB Host, and there is a WiFi version of the board.

Both connect to a TE-35 display module.

Do you want a modular prototyping device (Spider) or an all-in one board (Cobra II)?

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Cerbuino is very memory restricted, large displays need memory for their bitmaps, so you can’t get by with a Cerb-family.

If you buy a Spider you can get USB Host that you need, you can get LCD capability as it has memory you need, and you can use the GHI WiFi (or you could use a WiFly if you insist).

If you look at Cobra II WiFi then you also get all the things you need.

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Ok I’ve changed my mind guys, thanks to you all, I’ll go with Cobra II Wifi and get myself TE35 Display, I’m planning to plug a barcode reader in USB Host, and read the scanned barcode, grab the price of scanned product, do you think it can be done easly?

Can’t the USBHost handle the usb prothocol and read it easily? The barcode reader is HID, and in Cobra II specs, it’s said that, HID devices can be used. I have to use USB type barcode reader, that’s why I’ve choosen Cobra II, beside high ram for tft display but the priority is reading barcodes.

Did you see the hydra solution doing the same thing, from the main page? http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=10381

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Yes, I’ve seen it but I have to lower the price, it looks awasome, works as I wanted but I have to use USB type Barcode reader and Cobra II Wifi has all in one board. Thank you all, you are realy trying to help me. It shouldn’t be that hard to use USB HID on Cobra II Wifi board!

Of course! Just I need you guys to check me before I order the parts, I don’t want to get in trouble with nonsense parts after all :slight_smile:
Are we clear on these work as I wanted?
- FEZ Cobra II Wifi
- TE35 Display
- USB HID Barcode Scanner

I have to admit, my parts are not good as hydra kiosk price verifier project, but I’ll do my best and share you with all details :slight_smile:

If a Hydra can do it, a Cobra II should be great too.

I just found it interesting that we had two scanners within weeks :slight_smile:

Beside Hydra has faster MCU :slight_smile: I guess this type of projects are needed in the market, best price and best solution by using .net microframework, I’ve made a software already is being used in a super market, the client wanted me to make something like this, integrated with the software, showing the price using wifi. He already has USB Barcode readers and further he want to choose it by himself, that’s why I’m insisting on that USBHost feature.