FEZ Cerbuino Bee UART Debugging

As part of my project i am trying to use a Cerb Bee as a virtual keyboard. I want to associate IR codes with keyboard stokes… IR bit works fine, now onto the USB bit.

Problem is as i understand it i need to use the on board USB client, however to do this i need to debug via UART, now i’ve bought myself a USB to 3.3v UART cable, however i cant find how i would set the Cerb Bee to UART debugging?

suggest i read the manual for my board but cant find it in there?


To switch debugging from USB to UART you will need to recompile the firmware.

Is that something that is possible for mortals?
I can see the code on
However wouldn’t know where to start to change the debug behavior.

You will need to change:

 #define DEBUG_TEXT_PORT                USB1
 #define STDIO                                           USB1
 #define DEBUGGER_PORT                  USB1
 #define MESSAGING_PORT                  USB1

From USB1 to COM1 or whatever COM port you want to use.

These defines are inside platform_selector.h file:

The main challenge will be to set-up build environment, especially if you are using GCC.

4.3 supposed to make working with GCC much easier.

Please see this thread as well: