FEZ Cerbuino Bee - TCP Stack + NRF24L01 + Nokia 5110 Display

Hi guys,

Can i use the Network Stack on SPI1 slot plus other devices on the same slot?

I´m curious, i made the NRF24L01 and the Nokia 5110 display works toghether with the Multi SPI class, but i dont specify the SPI configurations when use the TCP Stack.


Will the stack be able to work with the other devices? Or i need to use the MIP stack of codeplex?

Thanks a lot!

@ jamesjsj - If their SPI configurations are the same, you could technically use the same SPI bus for multiple devices if each device has a separate chip select, but we do not recommend it with the Ethernet ENC28 or WiFi RS21 because of the amount of data they must transfer.

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Thanks John!

I´ll try to make a prototype then.

I can´t set the chipselect of ENC28 module with the built in stack, and My NRF driver works with interruptions.
So, i´ll have to make a software control to block the SPI comunication with the RF Transceiver when i´m using the Ethernet.

Allright? Or maybe the module will work without any modification?

@ jamesjsj - The second parameter in the ENC28 constructor is actually the SPI chipselect.