FEZ Cerbuino Bee in 2019


I have an old Cerbuino Bee board is it possible to get this board up and running here in 2019 with the latest tool chain or is it impossible ?

The board is suited for my use case which includes USB and USB HOST.


Yes you can use TinyCLR 1.0 however no support is provided.

Thanks for the quick answer, will it be more easy to go for the latest FEZ board.

If I use the USB port as host USB, will I be able to debug and deploy SW through UART then?

If so will the debug and firmware download be really slow or is it ok ?

I don’t believe 1.0 has any USB support?

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Correct it sent does not

I know that there is no support for the FEZ Cerbuino Bee, but can any give me a poiter to how to update such an old board to TinyClr v.1.0.

Have just seen answer from Gus, so I think that I’ll drop getting the board up and running.

Any way thanks for the help, I’ll go for the latest FEZ T18 board if it can be configured for my needs (have postet some questions in another thread).

I think the easiest way to run to run USB on the Cerbuino be is to stay with NETMF. VS 2013 and VS 2019 can be installed side by side on a PC. I think USB Client should be no problem on the Cerbuino Bee but I’m not sure if USB host is supported for this board by NETMF. I have a project using USB HID Keyboard on the FEZ Lemur, perhaps the linked picture can help to find the right connections for serial debugging. https://github.com/RoSchmi/Lemur_HID_Keyboard/blob/master/Picture/Lemur_USB_HID_Keyboard.png