FEZ Cerberus with CEN28 ethernet - how to setup IP

Hi, I am not the developer, actually am here to try to fix developers job.

I have Cerberus and ENC28 connected to switch (TL-SG105) and also PC connected to the sam switch. They suppose to communicate, and they did when developer was still here, but now IP from Cerberus doesn’t work anymore.

What I would like to know is, how do I see IP from Cerberus(cen28) ? …and how do I change the IP?

Thnx for answers and pls know I am not programmer :slight_smile:

@ andre.m - I would, if he hadn’t disappear.

@ andre.m - He’s not a programmer

which doesn’t stop someone from having access to the source code.

So to answer the original question, you can hardcode the IP address inside the application, or you can leverage DHCP. I don’t do this so I can’t be sure it’s possible on a Cerbuino and ENC28J60 module, but on some platforms you can also set the IP address via FezConfig or another pre-config application (mfdeploy). If you don’t have the source code, you will struggle to change it in Option 1, but if it’s option 3 then you can.

So really, do you have the source is the key question