FEZ Cerberus & WIFI RS21 Module

Didn’t know where else to put this and couldn’t find an answer on it…

When will the Cerberus support the RS21 module? It says that it only supports Spider at the moment.

You need to use Xbee module. I updated the cerberus product page with links.

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It’s theoretically possible, at least, as the Cerberus hardware supports both SPI and SDIO, which are the interfaces it uses. The question is, whether the driver can or will be ported.

My guess is no, because, if I remember and understand correctly, RedPine wouldn’t be too excited if the driver was open-sourced.

Wow, you guys are quick! I figured this was the case, just wast 100% sure. Thanks

RedPine even want NDA to show you the datasheet and even integration guide! We purposed an opens source option to them but that didn’t go nowhere!

I did notice this text under the XBee Adapter Module “On the other hand, XBee WiFi is simply a WiFi to serial bridge with many limitations but still good enough for many applications”

I’ve seen some sample code for the Rs21 module where the SSID, security mode, and password were set, and they were able to poll a service on a regular interval after the NetworkUp event. The “WiFi to serial bridge” comment makes me think that it won’t be as simple as that. Is this true? Or am I just reading too much into it. I’m a software guy so this is new territory for me.

The community is almost done writing the xbee drivers. You will be able to plug and play very easily.

This is true if you are using the module in transparent mode. The driver we are making allows you to fully control the module and send data using API frames. This way you can easily scan, connect to network and send/receive data to/from any endpoint. See the module brief note:


The .NET MF driver is hosted on codeplex: