FEZ Cerberus status update

You haven’t seen much publicly but we are doing a lot behind the scenes, from agreements to hardware to software. For starter, we are working with partners and community on finalizing its NETMF 4.2 port. To ease this process, we have it on codeplex under https://stm32f4.codeplex.com/ Please let us know if you like to be added as a developer or if you have suggestions.

New related product announcement to come very soon.

Awesome! Count me in!

We need your codeplex username so we can add you :slight_smile:

Here it is ValentinI ;D

mine is godefroi :slight_smile:

And good news!

I’ve noticed there is AT91 source tree in the Native folder.Is this intentional?

that was by mistake and I thought steve removed it…steve?

Missed that one, sorry. Its corrected now.

Are there details forthcoming about who is participating in the port (meaning what companies)? Is it safe to assume that Oberon is involved? Secret Labs? Antti?

We can’t talk about this publicly yet but all ones you listed are very much welcome and invited to participate.

This is great!

I’d love to get Gadgeteer on my Cerberus boards! Count me in! (fcbrandon)

Good to hear. I was already wondering what had happened since the first alpha release.

I haven’t had as much time as I had wished to work on this but I have 3 weeks of vacation coming up next month to dig into it :slight_smile:

May you please add “innovactive”, too?


Gus, can you add me too?

Username: errolt


Thanks Aron!