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Fez Cerberus Port 5 & 6 show X instead of Y in VS2012 Designer


Hi I’m Paul and this is my very first post. Hello All and thank you in advance for your help.

I’ve just installed “NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 Beta-3” and setting up my first test project and have run into a problem.

On my board I got LED Strip 1.2 (Y) connected to port 5 which accepts C,S,Y but on the designer port 5 only shows C,S,X and wont allow me to connect it.

Port 5 & 6 show X instead of Y on the designer. Is this a bug?

Attached Designer Screenshot


Known Issues:

On boards version 1.1, sockets 5 and 6 are mislabeled. These sockets have PWM feature so they should also include P socket type.



Thanks for the quick response.


So how do I connect the LED Strip (Y) to port 5 in VS2012, the designer wont let me. Why hasn’t GHI not updated the designer to correct this by now.


The board is wrong not the designer. Any socket with S should be X not Y.


Your socket choices for a Y Socket on the Cerberus Board is 2, 3, 4 or 7.


Unrelated to this post. A different problem.


So a X and S socket should be able to be a Y socket as well, since the pins will overlap (SPI CK/MOSI/MISO) but they do meet the expected possible pin availability requirement… You can’t however use the Y feature on say 6 without impacting socket 5 because these pins are exposed on both sockets…

Can we get the “pin map” image updated here to reflect the fact they’re deemed only X not Y?


@ Brett - This is what we thought at first but then SPI pins are shared among different sockets and you most certainly run into problems if you make them Y. Use X and it will make life easier for everyone.

IF you only have one S socket then you can keep it as Y.


Can you please clarify for me that port 5 and 6 can have P also, if so will the designer allow P modules to connect to this port through the designer.

I agree with Brett, you need to change the pin map.


The designer is correct


Gus says the designer is correct, so the best place to use as a reference is the source code for the mainboard driver.

In the FEZCerberus_43.cs file the sockets are defined as follows

Socket 5 : P, C, S, X
Socket 6 : P, U, S, X

So yes, both socket 5 and 6 can be used for PWM.

I would provide a link to the mainboard code, but I have not been keeping up to date with the new public location so I still reference the codeplex repository, I think this has all moved so I do not want to point you to something that is possibly not going to be maintained.

As @ Brett pointed out, Y can be X, but X cannot be Y. Due to the pin conflicts between socket 5 and 6, these sockets are and should be limited to X.


You can use them as Y, individually, but you can’t use one as S and one as Y because you’re conflicting with the SPI pins. You can use them both as X fine without conflict, you can use one as S and the other as X again without conflicts. If you really REALLY wanted to use one as a Y then you could modify the mainboard definitions so you didn’t get a pin conflicts but as everyone has pointed out, it’s safest to leave it as-is.


I understand now, thank you all so much.