FEZ Cerberus DHCP Problem

Using all the latest I have noticed that the Fez Cerberus is unreliable using DHCP.
It looks to me like the DHCP protocol handling is the problem, is this common code with say the spider?

It sometimes works but mostly it is unreliable. Has anyone else had this problem, I have noticed several threads on this topic, but I am unsure what the current status is, It is not mentioned in the Issues.

Yep. I have the same problem.


thanks for replies, it looks like dhcp is still an issue with Cerberus then. ;-(

just tried the spider and it seems ok,

on the Cerberus (Ethernet firmware) my suspicions lie with the router perhaps being correctly ‘over’ pedantic about the protocol, without deep analysis I see a discover and an offer then a nak.

fwiw I tried mIP on Cerberus and it worked, but it would be a lot easier to use the built in Ethernet.

Gus what should we do,I much prefer the Cerberus to the spider.

oh btw the dhcp server im using is [quote]http://www.pfsense.org[/quote]

@ Peter Kenyon - we are limited on how much time we put in open source unfortunately. The sources are open for anyone to improve and an issue report can be place to Microsoft on codeplex.

We may revisit this but in the future.

The other option is premium offers.

fair enough - still unclear where ghi starts and open source ends etc. anyway I have added a vote on codeplex


@ Gus - Any hints on when we can expect to see a Cerberus class premium offering (aka OctoPanda)?

@ ianlee74 - why don’t you build one :wink:

I don’t work for GHI. Makes it hard to build GHI premium hardware :wink:

pfft, buy some USBizi’s and slap some sockets on, job done :whistle:

I’ve got my Cerberus boards happily using DHCP with Netgear and DLink (running DD-WRT) routers, so I think some packet sniffing will be required to figure out the problem you are having as certainly its not universal.

Ive had a quick look, and managed to capture a successful dhcp and the much more common failure and it seems that the dhcp state machine is all over the place, even the good one sends multiple requests, the bad case it gets an offer then starts to send a discover, etc etc.