FEZ Cerb40 II .vs FEZ Cerberus Mainboard Power Consumption

All the Power Consumption fields for the FEZ Cerb40 and Cerberus Mainboard are empty on the product pages. Can someone tell me what the “base idle” (just plug in the board and power it up) power consumptions are for the boards. I’m trying to determine which board to use for a project and need some numbers.

I have a FEZ Cerbino Bee and its low power enough (barely) within out the XBee adapter or any gadgeteer modules, so am hoping the other two are the same or lower.


All cerb* boards have the same micro and similar circuitry. They should all draw the same.

Thanks. I should be able to prototype on the Bee (without the actaul XBee attached) and move over to the Cerb40 II later then.


@ RoySalisbury - Yes