FEZ Cerb40 II Surface Mounting?

Can the FEZ Cerb40 II be surface mounted? I know the V1 could not be surface mounted because that regulator needed to be on the bottom but what about this one? I don’t want to spend time hand soldering 40 pins 8 times over for 100 machines.

Surface mount ? Cerb40 ? 100 machines ? Commercial use ?

May be you should add the chip (G80 ?), to the PCB design (chip + decoupling + clock). The board might already have 3.3v ?

Just my 0.002 cents

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Nope. No castellated pads.

@ Rajesh - No data on the G80, nor are there any previews. Also no RLP, I mean what am I paying the extra $2USD for? I can purchase the same raw chip off Mouser

you’re paying for the GHI features and their support.

@ Brett - With a bit of #8 fencing wire and tacky flux i reckon you could use the Cerb40 as a SOM ::slight_smile:

plus a lot of luck - reflow only too, you can’t get a soldering iron in there to get more solder on the pads. But I would not call it a solution, certainly not one that would scale at all.

@ Brett - Features which don’t include RLP. In Field update I can live without. ethernet and SSl I can live without, but no RLP?

So that’s a no go on SMD cerb40…

That still doesn’t negate all the other supported features that it comes with. That’s just one feature - and if it’s critical, you would need to go to a larger chip - or stay with Cerb40 and use headers :slight_smile: .

Could you not have the boards wave soldered if it’s all through hold for the CERB40?

No; wave soldering is out of the question.