Fez Cerb40 and Gadgeteer modules - is it possible?

Sorry if that was answered somewhere, but in product page it is written
"Whether using .NET Gadgeteer, .NET Micro Framework or even use native programming, developers will enjoy the benefits from FEZ Cerb40."

and I’m very new at all this stuff, so have many questions :slight_smile:

  1. So as I understand I can use Gedgeteer modules with Cerb40 (interested in Micro SD module so far)?

  2. Are all modules compatible, can I find a compatibility list or smth, or rule how to recognize if module will be compatible?

  3. Is there somewhere example how to connect Micro SD module (any module) to Cerb40?

  4. Is writing to SD card from Cerb40(Cerb) slow (data logging from 9dof - so small pieces of data in small intervals)? If it is slow, does it support asynchronous writing, like tell to write and don’t care when it will finish write, don’t block main thread?

With the Cerb40 you have a couple of options. You can do like what’s shown in the picture here (it’s not all laid out good yet), or put it on a PCB with headers.
Regardless you will have to do some PCB work (unless you just want to bread board it).

Will the drivers will work? Not sure since I’m rewiring the entire chip and soldering it on myself.

You are better off picking one of the boards with gadgeteer sockets if you don’t have experience in laying out PCBs.

@ dziedrius - You will be able to use most modules by wiring them to the Cerb40 with headers.
You will need to change the Gadgeteer drivers to use Cpu.Pin rather than Sockets but thats about it.
You should be ok writing to the card from the imu if you are not trying to update the card at to high a rate.

@ twospoons - Nice looking board

Thanks, it’s pretty hard to fit this in 5x5cm only using 2 layers :slight_smile: It supports 12V 2A in, with 5V switched and 3.3v also. Time for some sleep. 12 un-routed nets left to figure out.