FEZ Bit Single Board computer


I’m interested in the FEZ Bit Single Board computer. The board schematic shows many pins not connected e.g. PD3, PD4, PD5, PD6 etc. If additional port pins are required how can we connect to these pins?

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maybe those pine are rezerved (for Wifi/SD CARD ??) who now !

Available pins are the ones on the edge connector. If you need notes pins we have other boards for that.

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The photo of the FEZ Bit shows that WiFi & SD Card are not installed. Is that correct?

just remember that the Fez Bit is intended to be a micro:bit replacement not a general purpose device. If you are looking for something that is a drop in replacement, it’s ideal, but I wouldn’t call it a comprehensive offering. See the product comparison table at https://www.ghielectronics.com/sitcore/sbc/ for more details - according to that table, the Fez Bit does have wifi and Micro SC card

That is a wrong photo @Greg_Norris where is the WiFi and SD card?

Fixed now. We took the first picture during COVID shutdown, and it never got replaced with the new one.

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