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FEZ AudioOut


I liked the FEZ_Audio out demo, so I downloaded the files, I was hoping to run this on a mini or panda, but the Analog class is missing a Set with 4 arguments.
any ideas anyone?


To answer my own question, apparently this is in a beta release, so I will have to post a few thousand messages in order to get the relevant status to download the beta,


Nope just another 7 messages and you’ll be the right level :slight_smile:


thanks im working on it, but dont want to be totally off topic that wouldnt be polite


Yes there is a level to access the beta but anyone who used the forum slightly will have access. Keep on using FEZ and I am sure you will come up with some questions sooner or later. Plus the beta will be release in about a week anyway.


cool, managed to beg a few points… the wav audio demo is awesome… :o