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Fez audio out on a Domino


Guys -

I had tried the FEZ Audio Out sample project at with the last version of the firmware. Worked great. Now it doesn’t. Nothing has changed other than upgrading to the new firmware. I’ve stepped through the code and it is not throwing any errors. I’m just not getting any sound out of AN0. There is a faint beep or two, but that’s it. The beginner’s guide has nothing for sample code, and just says …to be continued… under the Audio section.



I thought audio out was on ADC3 / AOUT in this release?

Cheers Ian


ADC3 is Audio out as far as I know.


Not sure where I got 0 in my head… 3 is the winner. Thx.


Probably from the code.

static AnalogOut aout = new AnalogOut(AnalogOut.Pin.Aout0;

Aout0 is on the An3 pin! :wink:


What is the reason they needed to fix a specific AN pin? Is not this done in sw?


yep, in software on the only Analog Out pin there is :wink: That’s why An3


There is only one Analog out and that is AN0…
On FEZ Panda/Domino this is connected to An3 pin

So this is FEZ.AnalogOut.An3


A bit confusing but it had to be done for Arduino compatibility reasons.