Fez and Windows Phone 7

Hey guys,

Microsoft is sending me a Windows Phone 7(WP7) for development purpose ;D, does someone ever tried anything between an WP7 and a Fez?

I’ve seen this from the NETMF team at Maker Faire: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/netmfteam/archive/2010/10/21/connecting-devices-to-windows-phone-7.aspx

I’ll play around with it when I receive the phone. Unfortunatly, my Fez does not have Ethernet or Bluetooth connectivity… I should have ask Santa :smiley:

It is actually simple enough.

  • Fez host a web server.
  • You can connect to the server from WP7. Http(s) is the only protocol that is open on WP7 at the moment.

I’m not quite sure, since I do not have WP7 yet! (Santa help)
But you should be able to use FEZ(+ Bluetooth) with your WP7.

I would love to see that working.

I knew that you can communicate through a WebServer/WCF/SilverLight, but in m opinion it’s not optimal for embedded system, I rather use the bluetooth. The Parrot AR.Drone (http://ardrone.parrot.com) use a WiFi AdHoc to communicate to the iPhone, not sure if a web server is involve.

WP7 doesn’t expose the bluetooth stack or sockets in the dev kit… yet. You can only do HTTP/HTTPS right now.

Or you could go crazy and have the FEZ call your phone…



I fear that my girlfriend tell me that I communicate more with my Fez than her!

Gabriel, tell her this is normal :slight_smile: My wife got used to it…lol!

…FEZ fez Fez feZ fEz…and more FEZ…lol

Yeah for sure, like all my little addiction: FEZ, C# programming and user group meeting, bike, snowboarding, endless student (doing my master degree), prepare some of my speaking engagement, working around the house, taking care of her, …

Geez, and not necessarly in this order (in case she read the post…)