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FEZ and web pages


I have a project that requires a web page front end to control and display data from the system. I would like to have more than just text on the web page. I want it to have dials and sliders and nice on/off buttons, etc. Has to be a totally embedded solution so I can just put in the FEZ IP and the web page will be served up. I’m new to providing a web page front end and not really sure where/how to proceed yet. Would the code be the same if I were to have a panda or domino with an ethernet shield attached comapred to using the built in ethernet of the cobra?

Which FEZ is the easiest for a noob to meet my needs?


FEZ Panda with Ethernet shield is all you need. If you want to fetch images from SD card for your web page then you need SD expansion but I recommend FEZ Domino since you get both, SD and USB host.


There is a simple web server implementation on Fezzer as well.

It said Panda,but it will work on Domino or any other FEZ boards


GHI did a fairly impressive demo for Makerfair off a webserver I wrote, so it can definitely be done.

Basically, you just need to write the socket stuff, then the layer that parses the HTTP request headers. Easy peasy :smiley:


You mean this?


Gus, you were going to post that on Fezzer too… :wink:


That’d be the one :slight_smile:


I’d be very interested in the source for that demo! Please do post it up on fezzer :slight_smile:


Have you seen this?

I also added the code here


EDIT: I need to RTFM sometimes…