Few updates on the website

We have made few changes to the website to make it easier to use with “touch” devices. For example, we removed the drop down menu from top navigation. We then continued adding the left-menu on all pages. You can see it on the community home page now.

You may wonder, why the white space on the left for on the forum? First, it is for uniformity with other pages. Second, we like to use that space to show some exiting things, like show new products. We are very careful to not turn the forum into an advertise-media. We love the forum as much as you do and we do not want it filled with “noise” :slight_smile:

So, please clear your browser’s cache and take a look around. We ware waiting for your feedback.


Like it so far. One thing. When viewing Unread Messages, could the Unread bit stay a link so when I come back to the site I don’t have to re-fresh the page or click off/on it again to see the latest posts.

I like the changes.

  1. Can the black menu background be made narrower?

  2. See the image below for when I was replying to this post. Before people IE bash, this was done in the latest version of Chrome. But it looked the same in IE as well.

@ jasuk70 - Not sure what you mean. You can stay on unread but if you leave and return or don’t check the page for a while then you’ll need to refresh.

@ mhectorgato - Why do you need it narrower?

Josh: It would just be nice to tap/click the Unread bit again to refresh the list rather than refreshing the whole page (I am using a touch screen on windows 8 :wink: )

I really like having the left sidebar menu here instead of the drop down. Good work!

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[quote=“Josh”]@ mhectorgato - Why do you need it narrower?

I don’t “need” it to be narrower, but it seems to make the center section (where the forum content is) narrower.


Well, since frontpage is being redesigned, here are my suggestions and impressions, if anyone cares.

Please don’t beat me (hard).

Looks like a contest is in order - “Design the best landing page for the community site”

The community homepage has dual purposes at the moment. It’s for new users and current users. This is why there is an explanation and three of codeshare, creations and showcase. In its current form, a balance has to be maintained. What is your ideal homepage? Maybe we should make the current homepage more for new users and add a second page you can visit for return visitors?

Well, I don’t think new users are reading anything anyway. Reading is unnatural. Besides, people coming here are geeky engineers. Curious people. They explore by clicking, not by reading. Now, a newcomer comes in. What does he see? “Newest posts - ok, that’s clear… Creations? Oooh, what’s is this? Lets click and see… And then there’s a codeshare! Lets take a look there…” At least that’s how I’m doing :slight_smile: And I don’t think I’m special in this way :slight_smile:

Personally, I think this page is perfect for return visits :wink:


Looks good! I really like the no-dropdown menus. It was annoying every time I wanted to click a link on the bread crumb trail, I ended up accidently hovering over the top level menu for a split second and the menu ended up dropping down to cover the links. I had to move the mouse away, wait a second for them to clear, then I could carefully move my cursor up click a link again.

It would be convenient if the “clear” link was next to the “view all” for the “Unread” items on the Community page.