Few questions from a newbie

Hello all,
1- Can I fully control servos connected to PWM ports?
2- Can I make a GUI for my program? Like making ticker so when user move it lefft the servo sppd decrease and when moving it to the right the servo speed increase?
3 Can I attach a R/C to the board, so I can control a servo by a transmitter?v


There is a post on gadgeteer forum posted this morning with video doing exactly what you seek.

Welcome to the forum.

  1. Yes, you can control servos with PWM.
  2. Yes, the FEZ Panda II has a display capable of simple touch based control. Search the forum for Spiral (a GUI library). The larger FEZ boards have a more robust GUI implementation using XAML. This would be the EMX and ChipworkX based boards including Gadgeteer.
  3. Many wireless protocols are supported. I"m not sure what kind of specific radio you mean by “R/C”.

Thx for these quick replies.

Can u guide me to the post which include the video?

I mean by R/C is normal Radios like spektrum dx7 and turnigy 9 channels.

Like I said, go on gadgeteer forum and it is the first post :slight_smile:

Thx sir, this is exactly what I am searching for, and Will order mine today.

Another Questions:
0- Does the Spider board is the best one?
1- Does the The ultimate kit (250$) come with all addons found in the picture or just the board and the LCD? and what other things do i need o order to start? (Does the power red board come with it)?
2- Can I connect an external dvd and flash memory with fat32 system?
3- What about controlling servos by zigbee?
4- Does the software developed and running is a realtime software? so I can move from development on wince to this new architecture?

And any tutorials for the wireless and GUI?

0- yes
1- yes but this is already in product description!
2- flash memory yes but not dvd!
3- sure!
4- not real time.

It will be all clearer once you start reading the beginner’s guide ebook and look at tutorials on this website

ok, I will put my order and start reading the guide.

Just last question, are u goig to be realtime n the future or no plan for that?

If you really need realtime, the you can do RLP on FEZ devices which is already available.

So there is no possibility for micro framework realtime app?
how to develop naively on the board?

There is a way to remove mf from fez, but there will be no way to put it back.

Why remove NETMF? You an program natively while keeping NETMF. See RLP tutorials.

I only mentioned removing of mf because RLP was suggested earlier. Personally I will go with RLP as well.

aha good, thx for ur answers.
anybody knows a uav project based on micro framework? quad copter project?

search here for quadcopter - a couple projects in progress. don’t believe they are flying yet, though.