Favicon missing

I had my Fiddler opened and notices that tinyclr is missing favicon :wink:

It’s back. :smiley:

I see it on the phone too! :slight_smile:

…and it’s new! This is going to take some getting used to. :smiley:

Better or worse?

I like it better. The brown one before was hard to figure out what it was. I just have to get used to looking for the tab with the blue icon now :wink:

How about this?


You should just use the FEZ monkey animated GIF I created :wink:


Thanks guys.

I see you added favicon i suggested :slight_smile: Now I have something to tell my kids one day :wink: Question: why are you linking the png rather than ico file I uploaded ?

Wow, when you throw people under the bus stuff get’s done :slight_smile:

Did you reply to the wrong post or we have a forum bug?

@Gus_Issa, Woops, wrong post. Must have been crosstalk in my brain.