Fastest way to write to disk

I have a new project where I have to write a lot of data to SD card as fast as I can. As of now, I can’t write all the data I’d like at the sample rate I’d like using .Net Micro 4.3. We’re doing what we can to optimize our writes but I’m curious if it would be faster to do this using RLP or TinyCLR or ALFAT or ???.

How much data do you need to write?

I’d like to write at rates up to about 100 KBytes/second. I had an intern look at this task a while ago and he couldn’t get anywhere close to that so I thought I’d ask before diving in.
I know this is a pretty high number but it is the goal. I’m also very used to not achieving my goals and having to settle for less.

I know ALFAT can do it. As for C# you are close so I am not sure. What you need is to use a decent size write size and only flush if done.

Thanks for the input but my question is really what is the fastest way to write to a SD card in .NET micro. It may be that native C# in .NET micro works today but I can just bet that I’ll need to write 200 KBytes/second tomorrow, or next week. So, regardless of my immediate requirement, what’s the fastest way to write to SD card in .Net Micro?

You can write really fast if you do not need for system. With netmf and fat for system I remember it was around 50k speed. Can you do 100k? I bet you can buy I do not have a direct answer unfortunately.

This is what he wanted to say :slight_smile: