Fastest GHI Board and TE35 TFT


Is the FEZ Hydra Mainboard @ 200mHz the fastest board that GHI sells? I am new to .NET micro and would like to control the TE35 touch screen with the fastest GHI CPU board because I’m concerned about screen redraw speed. I basically want to show some analog gauges on the screen along with some buttons presses represented by icons. 256 bit color is good enough. Could this setup do a 30 Hz screen refresh @ 320 x 240? Also, would I use GDI in .NET micro to code the gauges and icon presses? Where would the bitmaps be stored - ie: is SD card fast enough for reading images with a 30 Hz referesh? In actuality, I would really only need to change the dial positions in the gauges and the button pressed/unpressed look so writing to only the changed portions of the screen might be good enough.


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At the moment it is the fastest. What you describing is doable.

I would read the dial picture from resources and update only changing part - the hand.

Also check the Codeshare section. We have some cool graphics related contributions there.

Thanks for the welcome Superhuman Architect. I’m looking forward to using the GHI .NET micro products. I hear you can test code using the emulator. Is there an emulator for the TE35 320x240 screen?

Yes you can use default emulator.

Awesome! I think I’m sold. I saw GUS has an example on CodeShare of an analog clock that is similar to the gauges I want to make. While I’m waiting for the hardware to come I can mess with the emulator to try to and understand how to do bitmap redraws. I’m sure I’ll be back for some more questions…

You are welcome. Check mini pacman from @ taylorza. Good game, runs in emulator and uses bitmaps.

It was almost “freakin” easy. I loaded the PACMAN game and tried to run it on the emulator (Transport: set to Emulator, Device: set to Microsoft Emulator). I get 6 warnings about Music_42.cs I think because there is no music board. However, the last is an error: “Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:Gadgeteer”. It’s as though the system is looking for a real device instead of using the emulator. Hopefully this is some newbie setup mistake on my part.

In project settings window last tab on the left. Select emulator as your deployment target.

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Thanks. I got the emulator showing but there are some errors “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.NotSupportedException’ occured in GHI.OSHW.Hardware.dll”. Maybe because it can’t emulate the joystick and sound hardware. I think I better take baby steps and spend some time on the GHI site looking at the tutorials for beginners. I’m gonna call it a night.

Delete the mainboard from the setup. Emulator gets very confused with Gadgeteer. Alternatively replace it with a Cobra II; raises no errors in the emulator.

There are some Performance tests :