Fashionable Tin Foil Hats for the discerning paranoid

Shield: The World`s First Signal Proof Headwear

We are not saying that it protects 100% against all kinds of electromagnetic waves that are bad for your health, what we are saying is that if you care about yourself, be smart and put on this first signal proof apparel instead of the usual one - no one will spot it and it will protect you. Maybe once it will pay off.

Hell as a Scottish dude we know how to protect the valuables and hence why we wear Sporran not only does it look great it allows us to keep everything valuable (money, passports, credit cards, family jewels etc) in one place and protected (with a layer of tinfoil discreetly hidden within the Sporran).

I wouldn’t wear one. Even just faraday. :smiley:


The world is full of repetitions. Ads repeat. Themes repeat. Words repeat.

Did I lapse into a coma? Is today April 1st? Do you think the announcer was able to keep a straight face?