Fallout 4

Have to say, those buttons are just ace. I use both the stay on and momentary types in a few designs now. The LED ring looks cool.


@ Dave McLaughlin - Beautiful! Work of art!


Thanks. The latest version is NETMF based using the G400 as I need to get the power down on it. The one in the image is Android based but draws about 8 watts. The new NETMF version with same features is 3 watts. :slight_smile:

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@ Dave McLaughlin - What is it!? :slight_smile:

Data logger for a pressure and temperature sensor that is located about 3000 feet underground on a single core metal tubing cable.

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Verry good graphics ! :open_mouth: :think:

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I was wrong. Went to Target during lunch break. Dude at the store said it was gone in 20 minutes after the store opened up. People were lining up. Crazy! ;D

Oh, and it was a one time thingy.

So it begins!

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I tried one of the Fallout games and It didn’t do anything for me. It didn’t have the same appeal as Skyrim or Dragon Age: Inquisition (just finished the Descent DLC) Does it really get good later in the game? I could never get into the Borderlands games either… they are still languishing unplayed in my steam account.

Maybe I just don’t like post-apocalyptic landscapes… so many games seem to have them theses days.

@ mtylerjr - That is OK.

I just really like that game.

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